GenY32 Now Runs GRBL (and soon tinyg)

GenY32 is a four axis G Code Controller with USB 2.0 interface, uSD port, four TB6560 drivers and a mix of analog and digital IO that runs our home grown GStep G Code control software while also supporting our Mach3 Plugin driver.  Both, in fact, co-exist at the same time – the Mach3 plugin is enabled by a special ESC sequence – so GStep and Mach3 are both supported.  GenY32 uses a 32bit AVR32 processor with a hardware floating point unit that allows a whole new level of on board processing such as more axis, feedback compensation and high performance sensor integration.  GStep currently consumes 196K of the available 512K flash so there is lots of room for expansion.

A customer in Calgary recently ported an open source G Code software application called grbl to GenY32.  Grbl is a three axis control application that supports acceleration and a host of other features and being open can be modified, upgraded and tweaked.  We’ve added a few enhancements already such as tandem drive that locks the A axis to the X axis, change the ok return prompt to a $ sign along with a few other small changes. Support for the uSD port is already in place so with a few simple protocol changes it will be possible to execute G Code files stored on uSD.  Support for our CJ34b Smart Joystick and SmartLCD has also been implemented.  The grbl port on on our web site.  With plenty of free flash to hold new code it is now possible to extend grbl with new features.

GenY32 Angled Text

We are now in the middle of porting another open source G Code application called tinyg.  tinyg is built on an earlier version of grbl but with a few key additions such as jerk compensation (rate of change of acceleration) and JSON protocol support.   Jerk compensation promises smoother stepper control while JSON support enables browser based connection flexibility (along with other things).  One of the first G Code browser implementatons is chillipeppr at The port will be posted as soon as it’s done.

Both grbl and tinyg use processor resources very efficiently because they needed to.  The processor on GenY32 is a lot faster, with a lot more flash and RAM, high performance hardware FPU, DMA engine and event subsystem combine to allow a host of new more complex applications to be tackled.


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IMU8420 now supports Google Earth GPX file storage

The IMU8420 10 Degree of Freedom (DOF) Data Logger now supports the real time logging of GPS data in Google Earth compatible GPX format.  The stored files can be directly dropped into Google Earth without modification.  The data logger also logs 3-axis acceleration, gyrocompass and magnetometer data along with barometric pressure and roll, pitch and yaw produced by the on-board Extended Kalman Filter at a 200Hz rate and GPX data at a selectable 10, 5 or 1Hz or slower rate.  All data is time stamped to ensure MEMs data is correlated to GPX fix data.


The IMU8420 V1.03 is a standalone data logger with 10DOF sensors, uSD storage, 32bit Atmel AT32UC3C2512 processor, lithium battery charger and USB interface in a small form factor.  The on-board Extended Kalman Filter fuses the input from the accelerameter, gyrocompass and magnetometer to produce roll, pitch and yaw output in real time.  Image

For a more extensive description of IMU8420 features go the SOC Robotics web site.



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